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Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench

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Strong cast iron I-Beam handle.
Hook Jaw is mad of forged alloy steel with heat treatment.
Heel jaw properly seated so as to prevent load on pin.
knurled and tempered adjusting nut.
Set of flat and coil springs which assure instant grip of the pipe and a perfect ratchet action.
All jaws are replaceable.
Meets U.S. specifications GGG-W-651 Type II Class A.
Stock No. Size Pipe Cap. Pack Wt. (lbs) Hell Jaw & Pin Stock No. Hook Jaw Stock No.
02-PW8H 8" 1" 6 3/4 50-PWHJ8 50-PWJ8
02-PW10H 10" 1 1/2" 6 1 3/4 50-PWHJ10 50-PWJ10
02-PW12H 12" 2" 6 2 3/4 50-PWHJ12 50-PWJ12
02-PW14H 14" 2" 6 3 1/2 50-PWHJ14 50-PWJ14
02-PW18H 18" 2 1/2" 6 5 3/4 50-PWHJ18 50-PWJ18
02-PW24H 24" 3" 4 9 3/4 50-PWHJ24 50-PWJ24
02-PW36H 36" 5" 1 19 50-PWHJ36 50-PWJ36
02-PW48H 48" 6" 1 34 50-PWHJ48 50-PWJ48


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