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110 Series BEAM CLAMP

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Industrial grade attachment for steel beam and mounting of hoists from an overhead load.
Can be used for lifting and transferring of steel beams and as a pulling clamp.
Alloy steel frame and power coat finish provide maximum durability.
Clamp jaw is designed to distribute the load away from the beam flange edge for safety.
Smooth screw spindle allows quick and easy installation without using tools.
Complies with ANSI/ ASME B30.17 and B30.20 standard.
Stock No. Capacity (Tons) Capacity (Lbs) Beam Flange Width Weight (Lbs)
16-BC1-1 1 2200 3" - 9" 13
16-BC2-1 2 4400 3" - 9" 14
16-BC3-1 3 6600 3 1/8" - 13 1/2" 25
16-BC5-1 5 11000 3 1/8" - 13 1/2" 28

H-100 Series BEAM CLAMP

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A perfect industrial grade attachment on steel beam for the mounting of hoists from an overhead load.
Can be used for the lifting and transfer of steel beams and as a pulling clam.
Specially designed clam jaws can reduce flange stress by distributing load away from I-beam along edge.
Smooth screw spindle which allows quick and easy install without using tools.
Build in suspension bar allows low headroom.
Stock No. Capacity (Ton) Weight (Lb)
16-BC1H-3 1 8 7/8
16-BC2H-3 2 10
16-BC3H-3 3 18 1/2
16-BC5H-3 5 1 3/4

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